Best Responsive WordPress Themes

As we eagerly anticipate the new and innovate WordPress Themes of 2017, one of the most noticeable trends for the upcoming year is Responsive WordPress Themes. While it’s a term you may not be familiar with now, throughout this article you will not only learn what Responsive WordPress Themes are, we’ll show you some of the best Responsive WordPress designs for 2017 (and there’s a great little video tutorial we put together as well).

Best Responsive WordPress Themes

What Are Responsive WordPress Themes?

Simply put, a responsive WordPress squeeze page themes are those that “responds” to the browser on which it is being viewed. While in the past this functionality was accomplished by utilizing a WordPress Plugins such as WPTouch, responsive themes are now being built to support the myriad of different screen sizes from smart phones to tablets to computers (to be completely honest, WPTouch would show a mobile-friendly version of your site – it wasn’t causing the design to “respond” to the browser width).

At the end of the day, as a website owner, you want your site to look the best it possibly can no matter the browser. Before responsive themes, this involved utilizing a third party application like WPTouch for mobile-optimized viewing or paying your web developer a pretty penny to hard code the functionality into your site.

“Responsive” technology not only removes the need for mobile versions of your site, it provides a clean framework from which to future-proof your site since many of the most popular Responsive WordPress Themes of 2017 will be HTML5 compliant. If you are looking for the best of the best in Responsive WP Themes, here are our favorites.

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