Choosing a Name For Your Dog

Choosing a Name For Your Dog

There are many things to consider to name your dog. First of all, the name should be practical, which means you should not name your dog something that looks or rhymes with commands like search, download or sit. For the same reasons above, your dog’s name should be different from that of the other family members.

The dog’s name should preferably be short, with one or two syllables at most. The shorter and easier the name, the faster the dog will respond to the name and will understand when requested.

You should also consider that while calling the dog a cupcake, precious or loved can be cute when the dog is a puppy, it may not have the same appeal when the dog reaches adulthood. Also consider that you need to feel comfortable calling your dog in crowded places without feeling completely ashamed.

Choosing a Name For Your Dog

Some names may look great or funny, but they end up scaring some people or even worse children. So, for obvious reasons, you should not call your dog a Killer, Slayer or Beast, etc. To inspire you, you do not have to go far. Many popular names are taken from food, beverages, snacks, history or other languages. To cite a few examples, Othello, Nero, Guinness or Cookie. I used to find a egyption god dog name.

A good tip would be to wait as long as possible before deciding a name to give the dog the opportunity to show his personality. Having a great Dane named Tiny may not be very appropriate, but again, if you have a sense of humor, do so.

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